Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1956) cover art by Bob Lavin

I recently had the following conversation with my grand-daughter. It was on the day she obtained her Proof-of-Pertinence in applied cryptography. PoP as you may know, is a degree sanctioning the ability of someone to ask sufficiently pertinent questions about a few fields of knowledge. It requires the person to understand enough to be able to ask the un-answered questions.

“Papou, I’m glad you’re at touch-distance today with us. Really. I am glad you’ve made it and although I earned my PoP, I still have a few silly questions…

The Money Changer and His Wife, 1514. Oil painting by the Flemish renaissance artist Quentin Matsys.

Bitcoin’s price history is, in retrospect, one of price discovery. When you see bitcoin’s hectic price movements, and look at its chart swinging up and down, you wonder how can bitcoin become the promised “gold 2.0” ? Many answers have been given, by both proponents or detractors, each discussing bitcoin’s potential to become a “reserve of value”. I suggest we may look elsewhere also for the answer, namely at the “unit of account” money function. Bitcoin has the potential to become the global reference in value measurement. Here’s why…

Bitcoin only comes into existence if energy is used. This is…

Stephane Abichaker

Bitcoinist. Ex-banker (nobody’s perfect…). Lecturer. Loves books and ideas.

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